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cropped-cropped-selfportrait-1-4.jpgCONTENTS: This blog has my own poetry, short stories, photography + paintings. Some other passions of mine are here as well – music, motorcycling, desert gardens + Siberian Huskies.
I write a weekly retro music article called Music Mondays, and have recently added a new category I call “33 1/3″. Once a month or so I also write a column called Spotlight’ where I feature people from many artistic fields – including musicians, poets, fine artists, graphic artists, and photographers.

My interests lie in our creative worlds.
I thrive on beautiful design, sights, and sounds. I am inspired by anything or everything I see – and by other creatives.
I’m an artist, graphic designer, typographer + writer.

ABOUT: This blog started as a way to heal + grow beyond chronic pain and illness. I started to write and it felt good. And I wrote more. I thought, what if I die? I want to be able to share my words, my art.  At first, it was very hard to post anything, especially my poetry. I’d post a few poems to Facebook and would always end up deleting them. Too raw, too personal. But here I am now and once I started I couldn’t stop.

It’s a kind of therapy for sure -
I’m able to re-focus away from pain when I’m writing, drawing, painting or otherwise “creating a new energy”.

… And on days when I can only sit, I have found so many treasures in the WordPress community to read and follow. It all makes me pretty happy. xo

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iPhone images
iPhone meets iPad: a collaboration

vintage family photos

  W O R D S


  M U S I C

MUSIC ON MONDAYS -  listen to + learn new stuff about old tunes
33 1/3 rpm –  I vinyl

•  S P O T L I G H T
featuring people who make an impression on me:
artists, designers, craftspeople, builders of things, writers + musicians

  O T H E R    S T U F F
more of my favourite things …


The purpose of this blog is to share images and words about important or entertaining things in my life. No copyright infringements are intended. Any advice given whether intentionally or not is just my own opinion, except where I’ve stated my sources. While I endeavor to quote reliable sources, I cannot be held liable for the accuracy of information: When in doubt, please check it out for yourself. I appreciate all your feedback on any topic, thank you.

{This page last updated on July 24th, 2014}
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  1. Thank you for visiting me and Willy Nilly and also for following along as Willy Nilly’s life unfolds. I wanted to visit you as well and found a very nice place, like an artist’s loft, full of treasures that tell a life’s story in each piece. I hope you don’t mind if i stay a while.


  2. I read your bio several times – I’m so very sorry for your pain, but so very glad you’ve found a healing outlet. Self-expression can at times, be a miraculous friend. I look forward to following your journey, and I hope you continue letting your creative self out…
    Sharing one’s inner-creative sides takes tremendous strength of character – you have great strength on your side :-)
    Be well-


  3. Thank you for the follow. I am so glad it led me to your site. You are a very talented and eclectic artist. I love artistic versatility. I am sure to be continually surprised and impressed by your works.


  4. Thank you so much for following First Night Design! I have also found blogging on WordPress to be very therapeutic. When my computer was in for repair throughout April, I was tickled by how much I missed my blogging ‘family’.


  5. yes, writing can heal so much and I am honored to be a part of the world of writing with YOU!

    Liked by 1 person

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